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China Photography Tour
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    In 2000, LI, yaxi, the founder of NAVO, was in charge of a large project “ Enter into Tibet and pursue the rainbow in the Dream”. This project was mainly about the photography of the adventure tour in Tibet.

    This was the first time that NAVO began the Photography tour. The tour cost nearly one month with 14-4x4 vehicles. The group started in Chengdu and derived along the South route of Sichuan- Tibet via Kangding; Litang; Zuogong; Qamdo and then turned to the North route of Sichuan-Tibet and arrived Lhasa via Riwoqe and Sog.

    And then went from Lhasa via Nyingchi, Tsedang ; Xigaze and arrived Rongbu Gompa and the Camping base of Everest. Many powerful Media such as the People’s Daily Press and Xinhua Press took part of this project and made a series of report.

Below are the typical photography groups from 2000:

    2002: NABO accepted a French photography group. The itinerary: Litang in Sichuan province/ Xinlong/ Gartse/ Danba/ Mt.Siguniang.

    2002-OCT. NAVO accepted the first professional photography group. The team members were from Taiwan and their destination is Daocheng and Yading in Aba. They are the experts of photography while NAVO is the expert of the tour. During the journey, we had learnt much about photography and the photography group rule, which helped us to do this kind of trip more professionally. We do believe that our guests are our best teacher.

    2003-Apr. We accepted a team from France. The destination of the group was in the South area of Qinghai : Zeku, Tongde, Xunhua, Jianza and so on. They arrived Qinghai just before the SARS spread around China. Most of the tour stopped during the period of SARS, in that case, this group was the only one foreign group running in Qinghai. Each day they took temperature, passed lots of checkpoints and reported to the two provinces: Sichuan and Qinghai.

    2003-Oct. The Team members were from France. They wanted to take picture in the Tibetan area: Basongco Lake; Nyingchi; The Valley of Brahmaputra; Milin; Lang; Tsedang where seldom have people traveled.

    2004-May. The team members were from Taiwan. The itinerary of the trip: Lhasa - Camping Base of Everest – Mt. Kailash – Manasarovar – Guge - A’li – Shiquanhe. Fortunately, this group came across the best time for the photography in all area. They were satisfied with what they got in this trip.

    2004-Oct. NAVO arranged another successful photography tour of Taiwan group. The itinerary: Daocheng – Xiangcheng – Deqin – Mt.Meili – Lijiang – Yulong Snow Mountain. This group contained 26 peoples and one guide. Using 9 Toyota 4500.

    2005-July: NAVO organized another Taiwan Photography tour travel across Qinghai and Tibet. The itinerary: Xining – Qinghai – Yushu – Namqen – Riwoqe – Qamdo – Ranwo Lake – Nyingchi – Langxian – Tsedang – Lhasa. This itinerary is arranged for the enthusiast of photography.

    2005-July: NAVO accepted the French photographer Remi Benali(http://www.remibenali.com) and his fellows. He was invited by the Figaro Magazine to report the Kham and Amdo area. The whole trip cost 24 days and the itinerary was arranged by our NAVO. The itinerary: Litang and The Horse Racing Festival in Litang/ Tagong and Mt. Yala/ Gartse / Dege and its Printing House/ Songe Mani City -The most magnificent Mani City in Tibetan area and the Bage Mani City- The longest Mani Wall in the world/ Rangtang / Aba and the Monasteries there/ Jiuzhi and Mt.Nyianbo Yuze.

    2006-Apr. The French Press- photographer went to the Badain Jaran Desert with our French trekking team and made a report about the Photography in Desert.

    There are more Photography Groups and we are eager to provide the wonderful tour and see the marvelous pictures once again.

    NAVO has the confidence that we can provide more wonderful photography tour. If you want to experience such special tour, we are willing to help you design such kind of itinerary.

Your next photo will be the Best

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    Itineraries about the New year Festival in Tibetan area

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