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    Xinjiang, the largest province in China, accounts more than one sixth of China’s total territory. Xinjiang has many interesting and beautiful things to see, such as the Turfan, the Kanaz, the Taklamakan Desert, the Kashgar etc. There is a saying” See the beautiful nature sceneries in north Xinjiang and see the ethnic folk in south Xinjiang”. Please follow us to explore the vast different Xinjiang!

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  NAVO-O-XJ-001-Overland in Xinjiang (North Route)(14 days)
The Exclusive itinerary of NAVO.
Duration 14 days; 13days and 12nights in China
Areas Xinjiang
Highlights Salimu Lake, Karamay oilfield,Urho Ghost City (Yadan landscape), Gurbantunggut Desert;Hemu Villiage, Mongolia minority, Kazakstan monority; The tribe of Tuwa minority; Wucaitan, Ghost city on the sea, Wucaicheng (Yadan landscape), Maza Villiage in the Tuyu valley, Ancient City of Jiaohe (Cross river city)

  NAVO-O-XJ-021-Overland in Xinjiang (North-South)(18 days)
The Exclusive itinerary of NAVO
Duration 18 days; 17 days and 16nights in China
Areas Xinjiang
Highlights Urho,Gurbantunggut Desert; Baihaba; Hemuhe; Mongolia minority; Kazakstan monority; The tribe of Tuwa minority; The tomb of Hami; Kumutage Desert; Ancient City of Gaochang; Ancient city of Jiaohe (Cross river city) Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Grottoes

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